Revitalize your latex and rubber items swiftly with VIVISHINE SPRAY. Experience enduring brilliance coupled with tender, intensive care. Our innovative spray nozzle design ensures impeccable, streak-free outcomes, bringing new life to every piece

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Boost your Fetish Latex Fashion with Latex Care VIVISHINE SPRAY: the ultimate quick and easy repolishing solution for latex clothing. Achieve a long-lasting, visibly deep shine while ensuring gentle intensive care for all latex and rubber items. Our unique spray head ensures unparalleled results, making your Latex Fashion Online purchases look brand new every time.

VIVISHINE SPRAY is the perfect addition to the basic care regimen with VIVISHINE. It’s tailor-made for touching up to achieve that supreme shine. For optimal results, you can polish the surface with a damp cloth or, for best results, with ViviWIPE. Its precision mist ensures targeted application and can be perfectly dosed, letting you address dull spots on knees, buttocks, or elbows with ease. Whether you’re refreshing select areas or enhancing an entire outfit’s luminosity, VIVISHINE SPRAY is your go-to.

Application: Hold the VIVISHINE SPRAY about 20-30cm away and spray directly onto the latex surface. Watch as the fine mist settles and illuminates. For broader areas, consider using a lint-free cloth, preferably one already moistened with VIVISHINE or water from previous uses. This ensures the cloth aids in even distribution without soaking up the product, rendering a consistent and captivating shine across your Fetish Latex Fashion pieces.


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