Vivishine Latex Polish


Enjoy a durable, radiant shine and delicate care for all your latex and rubber items. Enhances the latex sensation against the skin. Free from solvents and without any scent.

Available in sizes 30ml, 150ml and 500ml

Optimizing Latex Shine with VIVISHINE:

Vivishine Latex Polish offers the perfect foundation for enhancing and maintaining the lustre of latex. For best results, introduce VIVISHINE into the rinse water post-wash, ensuring a consistent spread across the latex’s entire surface. Its application is not only straightforward and cost-effective but also highly efficient.

By eliminating the need for abrasive polishing, this method protects the delicate latex surface. Once dried after a VIVISHINE treatment, your latex attire is ready for storage, be it in a closet or a garment bag. VIVISHINE ensures your latex garments retain their glossy, flexible, and elegant charm, much like day one.

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Latex Clothing – Vivishine Latex Polish

Latex Care Steps with VIVICLEAN and VIVISHINE:

  1. Post-Wear Cleaning: After wearing, promptly rinse your latex under the shower. Use VIVICLEAN for a thorough, gentle, and hygienic wash. This ensures bacteria and sweat don’t linger in the material.
  2. Shining Bath: Post-washing, fill a tub with clean water and mix in a bit of VIVISHINE. Submerge the latex, ensuring even coverage.
  3. Drying & Finishing: Shake off excess water and let the latex air dry. If your water is hard or has lime, blot water droplets with a towel to maintain that impeccable shine.


Efficient Use of VIVISHINE for Optimal Latex Care:

VIVISHINE stands out for its economical application. It provides a thin, even finish to the latex without leaving a greasy residue, as seen with some other products.

For items like a catsuit, merely adding a tablespoon of VIVISHINE to a tub or sink filled with lukewarm water will suffice. The volume of water, as long as it’s enough for the latex to submerge, isn’t critical.

As you wipe the latex, you’ll instantly notice the water beading off, revealing a gleaming surface underneath. The latex becomes smooth and pliable, without any tackiness. Should you spot oily droplets post-shake, it suggests a tad too much VIVISHINE was used. Though it isn’t harmful, it can attract lint more than desired.

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30ml, 150ml, 500ml


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