Latex Clothing Care

Care and Protection 

When it comes to washing latex clothing, it is generally recommended to avoid using a washing machine. Latex is a delicate material, and machine washing can cause damage or deformation to the garments. Instead, it is best to follow these hand washing instructions for latex clothing:

  1. Prepare a basin or bathtub: Fill a clean basin or bathtub with lukewarm water. Ensure there is enough water to fully submerge the latex clothing.
  2. Use a specialized latex detergent: Choose a latex-specific detergent, like Viviclean, as regular detergents or household cleaners may contain ingredients that can degrade or damage the latex. Follow the instructions on the detergent packaging for the appropriate amount to use.
  3. Gently wash the garments: Place the latex clothing in the water and agitate it gently by hand. Avoid excessive rubbing or wringing, as this can cause damage. Wash each garment separately and for only a few seconds to remove any dirt or residue.
  4. Rinse thoroughly: After washing, rinse the latex clothing thoroughly with clean lukewarm water. Ensure all detergent residue is removed.
  5. Drying: To dry the latex clothing, gently squeeze out any excess water without twisting or wringing the garments. Avoid using a towel as it can leave lint or fibers on the latex. Instead, allow the garments to air dry on a clean, flat surface away from direct heat or sunlight.
  6. Use lukewarm water with Vivishine for long lasting, visible deep shine and intensive care for all your latex clothing.
  7. When latex clothes are wet. The colour may change. But it will retain its original colour on drying. 

Please note that the use of silicone oil mentioned in your instructions may enhance shine on the latex surface, but it is not necessary for basic cleaning. Additionally, be cautious with applying silicone oil or any other products on latex clothing, as some products may not be compatible with all types of latex.

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Storage Tips 

  • Before storing make sure the place is dust free. 
  • Clean metal rods properly so that there are no chances of staining. 
  • Enclose the latex clothing in its respective bag or box. 
  • You can put some talc on the surface of the drawer or you can put a silica gel bag so that it drinks all moisture. 
  • Store at a place where direct sunlight doesn’t fall.