Size-Latex Clothing

All our latex clothes are made in the UK.  There is no extra charge for Made to order items.

Sizes to choose from:

  • XS ( unstretched waist 20 inches)
  • S ( unstretched waist 24 inches)
  • M ( unstretched waist 30 inches)
  • L ( unstretched waist 35 inches)
  • XL ( unstretched waist 38 inches)
  • XXL ( unstretched waist 40 inches) plus size latex clothes

These measurements refer to unstretched garment dimensions, not your body size. You need to choose size smaller than your natural measurements, depending on how tight you like your outfit, but it is recommended no more than 3 inches/7cm for skirts. For instance if your natural waist is 27inches/69cm, you need to choose size S for Small. However if your natural waist is 25 iches/63cm, you need to choose Made to Measure and email us your measurements with the payment.

The hips and bust measurements are about 5/6 inches bigger, than the waist measurements.

You can easily get plus size latex clothes when choosing the XXL sizes or Made to Measure.


Bra sizes:

Cap A Cap  C
XXS 71 cm/28″ 75 cm/29″
XS 76 cm/29″ 80 cm/31″
S 81 cm/31″ 85 cm/33″
M 86 cm/33″ 90 cm/35″
L 91 cm/35″ 95 cm/37″
XL 96 cm/37″ 100 cm/39″
XXL 101 cm/40″ 105 cm/41″