Latex Care VIVISHINE Fresh-up


Always radiate brilliance with VIVISHINE Fresh-up. Whether at parties post-wardrobe, during photoshoots, or outdoors, rejuvenate your latex clothing’s luster with a single swipe.

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Experience unmatched brilliance with Latex Care VIVISHINE Fresh-up, the essential companion for every latex enthusiast. Perfect for post-party touch-ups, mid-shoot gleams, or outdoor revivals, this product ensures your Designer Latex Clothes maintain their allure even after prolonged wear. We all know how latex, polished to perfection, can sometimes attract lint or lose its sheen under outerwear. That’s where the world’s most compact polishing solution steps in: VIVISHINE Fresh-up instantly boosts the luster of your Latex Clothing UK purchases with a mere swipe.

Inside every package, you’ll find ten individually sealed wipes, each drenched in our signature VIVISHINE formula, complete with a convenient handle. It’s the ultimate, mess-free solution for Fetish Latex Fashion enthusiasts on the go. With no leakage or sprays, they’re the impeccable addition for any occasion, be it parties, shoots, or outdoor events.

Application: Simply pull apart the top of the individual packet, extract the pre-soaked cloth, and unfold. Gently glide it across desired areas without applying excess pressure. As it moves, it lifts lint and graces the latex surface with a delicate sheen-enhancing film. In most scenarios, a single VIVISHINE Fresh-up wipe can serve two individuals or offer multiple touch-ups during an event. To reuse, fold the cloth neatly and return it to its packet. Thanks to its absorbing nature, no liquid escapes.

Elevate your latex ensemble’s brilliance with VIVISHINE Fresh-up – the trusted name in Latex Care for Designer Latex Clothes aficionados


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