Latex Care with VIVICLEAN:

For impeccable cleaning of latex garments and toys, VIVICLEAN stands out as the ideal washing lotion. Given latex’s osmotic nature, which can trap moisture, dirt, and bacteria, a specialized cleaning agent becomes essential.

Tailored precisely for latex care, VIVICLEAN boasts a thin consistency, allowing it to blend seamlessly with water and target hard-to-reach impurities. It efficiently tackles odours, whether from a smoky room or perspiration, ensuring your latex is fresh and pristine. While its cleaning prowess is undeniable, VIVICLEAN remains gentle on the skin. A simple rinse with clean water ensures it leaves behind no residues.

Available in size 250ml only

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Latex Care Viviclean

Latex Care VIVICLEAN is a cleaning solution specifically formulated for latex clothing, boasting a disinfecting action. Offers meticulous cleaning tailored for latex while being gentle on the skin, ensuring hygienic results.

For lasting enjoyment of your latex clothing, consistent cleaning and maintenance post-wear is crucial.

After each use, handwash the garment in lukewarm water (around 30-40°C) with VIVICLEAN, allowing it to soak for a minimum of one minute. Follow this by a thorough rinse in clean water.

Recommended Dosage:

For each wash, mix around 15-20 ml of the solution into a few litres of water. If your latex garment has been previously treated extensively with VIVIDRESS or VIVISHINE for that gleaming finish, consider a second wash.

To maintain and enhance the brilliance of your latex clothing, follow up with VIVISHINE for that enduring shine.


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