Sassy Sailors Ahoy: Latex Edition, because Every Sea Captain Needs a Little Stretch!

Guess what? I just put the finishing touches on this fabulous latex sailor outfit! Picture this: a long-sleeve top with a classic blue sailor collar paired with some stylish short trousers, all in a sleek white and royal blue combo with a pop of contrast trim. It’s quite the eye-catcher!

I couldn’t wait to share it with you and get your take on it. What do you think? I’m all ears for your opinion!

Explore Latex Fashion for Crossdressers!

Hey there, fabulous crossdressers!

Are you ready to delve into the captivating world of latex fashion and discover the pieces that are stealing hearts across the community? Let’s explore the top picks that have become beloved staples among crossdressers worldwide.

Popular Latex Picks Among Crossdressers:

  1. Latex Dresses: Step into the spotlight with a latex dress that hugs your curves in all the right places. From sleek and sophisticated to flirty and fun, dresses are a go-to choice for crossdressers looking to exude confidence and femininity. Like: Latex Rubber Maid Dress -Miss Frederica
  2. Latex Skirts: Whether you prefer a classic pencil skirt or a daring mini, skirts offer endless possibilities for creating stunning looks that showcase your unique style. Latex Pencil Skirt -Rubber High Waisted
  3. Latex Tops and Blouses: Elevate your outfit with a chic latex top or blouse that commands attention. Whether you opt for a figure-hugging silhouette or a flowing design, tops and blouses are versatile pieces that add a dose of glamour to any ensemble. Latex Rubber Domina Blouse

Now it’s your turn! Which latex piece do you love most? Share your styling tips and tricks with fellow crossdressers.

Drop a comment below and let’s celebrate the fabulous world of latex fashion together! 💃✨

Embrace Your Dominatrix Side with the Seductive Latex Rubber Domina Blouse!

Hey there, kink enthusiasts and fashionistas! We’ve got something tantalizingly unique and playfully seductive to unleash your inner dominatrix: the Latex Rubber Domina Blouse! Prepare to captivate, intimidate, and exude confidence like never before in this eye-catching garment from LatexandLovers.

Imagine yourself strutting into a room, commanding attention with every step, and leaving jaws dropped in your wake. The transparent smoky black latex material of this blouse adds an air of mystery, leaving just enough to the imagination. It’s a powerful tease that hints at what lies beneath, fueling desire and intrigue.

Latex rubber domina blouse

To accentuate your commanding presence, the blouse features a sleek black collar and cuffs adorned with frills. These delightful details elevate the blouse’s overall aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to your dominant persona. With every movement, the frills flutter, adding a mesmerizing element to your captivating allure.

But let’s not stop there – it’s time for a funny story to illustrate just how unforgettable this latex domina blouse can be! Picture this: you’re at a fancy party, surrounded by unsuspecting guests. As the evening progresses, you notice someone eyeing you from across the room, their curiosity piqued by your intriguing ensemble.

With a mischievous grin, you decide to have a little fun. Casually, you approach the unsuspecting onlooker, striking up a conversation about latex fashion. You skillfully drop hints about your secret alter ego, playfully teasing them without revealing too much.

Intrigued and perhaps a little flustered, your new acquaintance decides to test the waters and asks if you have any pictures of your latex wardrobe. And voila! You pull out your phone, unveiling a gallery filled with stunning shots of you confidently rocking the Latex Rubber Domina Blouse.

Their eyes widen, their jaw drops, and they struggle to find words as they become entangled in a mix of shock, fascination, and undeniable attraction. It’s a moment you both won’t soon forget – a testament to the power and allure of latex fashion.

So, my fellow latex lovers, it’s time to embrace your dominant side, unleash your fantasies, and indulge in the irresistible charm of the Latex Rubber Domina Blouse.

Click here to explore the Latex Rubber Domina Blouse at LatexandLovers

Chlorinated version of this blouse offers an additional level of ease and maintenance is available here:

Remember, life is too short to blend in when you were born to stand out. Let your latex love affair begin with the Latex Rubber Domina Blouse – the epitome of power, sexiness, and playfulness. Get ready to make an unforgettable statement, one frill at a time!

latex rubber blouse

Latex Victorian Nightie

Latex Victorian Nightie

Latex Victorian Nightie

This beautifully designed latex nightie is based on an old Victorian Style,  the collar has frills on the edge and a decorative ribbon. There are more frills down the front, arms and chest.  The sleeves have a button fastening also edged with small frill. There is a zip at the back. Suitable for larger size fit, plus size. All our latex clothing could be chlorinated.

How do you like this Latex Victorian Nightie made from red latex with white trim.

I had made it a while ago and thought it will be good to share it with you.

latex Victorian nightie
latex clothing-latex Victorian nightie

Latex Long Coat with Frills

Latex clothing

Latex Clothing – Latex Long Coat – Robe

Just finished this long coat with frills all around it for my friend in Germany. How do you like it. Please share your views below.

Latex Long Coat with frills around the edges

Latex Long Coat – Robe

This latex rubber coat/robe is beautifully decorated by 2 inches frills, all the way around the edges.
Can you imagine wearing it for a romantic breakfast, day after:), with your partner.
Serving him English tea with a continental breakfast and wearing your transparent robe.
You also wear another latex clothing, black latex lingerie under your beautiful latex robe.
He could see your fabulous curves under the robe.
I just wonder what will happen after the breakfast?
In the evening you could change your transparent coat – robe to different colour, for instance red.
He would go insane, seeing you wearing this long, seductive robe.
There are two glasses and a bottle of red wine on the table. You are wearing the red robe and a black latex mini dress under it.
The combination of colours looks fabulous on you.

This latex long coat – robe is:

  • made of 0.40mm thick natural latex,
  • the outfit includes the belt,
  • Frills all around it maybe made from thinner latex,
  • loose fit,
  • Plus size available,
  • Variety of colours including red, metallic and transparent

Latex White Suit

Latex clothing

white latex suit

2 piece suit, loose blouse and a pencil skirt, sold to a client for £95, could be yours for the same price. Latex thickness: 0.40mm, collar and cuffs 0.80mm, Different colours available. We constantly provide new designs of latex clothing.

How do you like the design? Share your view below.

Latex white suit
Latex pink top and black pencil skirt suit
I’ve made the pink top and metallic black pencil skirt for my friend, the same as the white suit, just different colours. How do you like this combination?

Fancy New Latex Maid Dress?

Latex Maid Dress

I have made this dress for my friend from Germany. Actually we have made a lots of latex clothing for him and his girlfriend.

It has V-shaped neckline with frills around it, additional frills around cuffs, and apron. Unisex design. This latex maid dress has a zip at the back, which is necessary addition, when wearing it. It is Long Maid Dress.

We named this latex dress Frederika, after the designer and first buyer.  This latex dress is equally popular between men and women. 

It is available from ebay shop or the website: Latex Maid Dress 


Please, share your comments below.