Latex rubber is typically derived from natural sources. It is often favoured by gym and fitness enthusiasts. They enjoy flaunting their body curves. Latex is not PVC, plastic, neoprene, or spandex at all, Remember that! 

The origin of latex garments: 

Latex, according to the BBC, was part of a wardrobe that protected bikers from climate changes and monsoons. A mackintosh raincoat was created in 1824 and quickly rose to popularity, becoming a highlight of Latex Clothing in London magazines. Yet rubber clothing received a lot of flack and was subjected to a lot of snide remarks. Ignoring taboos, rubber fashion returned in the late 1950s with the John Sutcliffe brand AtomAge. 

Purpose of latex clothing: 

The purpose of latex clothing was originally used as a climate protector, but it quickly became the centre of attention for style-oriented people.

What does latex clothing feel like?

It feel like you’re wearing another skin. Latex attracts the eye and makes you look different and bold! 

Explore Our Collection of Latex Clothing Styles:

Latex Rubber Long Skirt 
Rubber Leggings with open zip 
Latex Rubber Pencil Skirt 
Latex Rubber Loose Top 
Latex Short Cape with Frills 
Latex Full Length Cape 
Latex Long Coat with Hood 
Latex apron 
Latex Rubber Mini Skirt 
Latex Girdle Dress 
Latex Rubber Zip Top 
Latex Rubber Neck Corset 
Latex Rubber Long Circle Skirt 
Latex Rubber Bodysuit Mermaid 
Latex Rubber Butcher Apron 
Latex Corset-Waist Cincher 
Latex Rubber Nurse Belt 
Rubber Skater Mini Skirt 
Latex Rubber Skater Mini Skirt 
Latex Rubber Robe Tunique 
Latex Rubber Long Bloomers 
Latex Rubber Top-Isabelle 
Latex Rubber Belt Corset 
Latex Rubber Catsuit 
Latex Rubber Vest 
Latex Rubber Tracksuit /Pyjamas 
Latex Rubber Dandelion Set 
Skin Tight Latex Jeans 
Latex Rubber Adult Baby Bonnet 
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Latex Adult Baby Costume Outfit 
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Latex Leotard Printed Top 
Latex Rubber Pyjamas 
Rubber Bondage Bodybag 
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Latex and Rubber Outfit 
Latex Rubber Fifi’s Top/Blouse 
Latex Rubber Corset 
  Latex Rubber Spanking Skirt 
  Latex Beatrix Long Skirt 
Latex Heavy Rubber Skirt 
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Adelaide Bra 
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Latex Leotard 
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Latex Bodysuit  
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Latex Rubber T-Shirta, 
Latex Rubber Nightie 
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Latex Rubber Boob Tube 

The manufacturing process of latex clothing: 

Have you been confused about what is latex? Some say colloid. Some say suspension.  

Ans. It is just rubber. 

  • Natural source 

The fluid contains fifty percent water and forty percent rubber. Yet the composition varies from country to country. The milky white fluid is obtained by the harvesters and sent for additional processing. 

  • Tapping 

A plant may be tapped when it is five years old. Rubber tree barks were sharply cut by the tappers. Tappers place a cup under the bark. So that white milky substance pours in it. Once full they replace it with another cup until the tree is fully tapered. A rubber tree yields 19 pounds of rubber latex on average per year. 

  • Latex to rubber conversion 

The next step is to process latex into rubber. It involves filtration and storage in drums. The factory adds acid to the material to clump it. This cause clumped fluid to roll into sheets. Sheets are smoked and dried as a result of water removal. 

  • Prevulcanization 

Latex is treated chemically. The latex is processed gradually at low temp. Once it heats up, it can be transported easier. 

  • Injection molding 

The fact that injection molding shortens cycle times and incorporates flashless tooling is a significant benefit. The raw material is heated first. After that, the injection process begins. The material is stirred with bulk and then stripped immediately. The process is very economic. 

  • Extrusion 

The rubber material is fed into the extruder during extrusion. The material is heated and compressed by the barrel and screw. The polymer compound is forced into a small opening resulting in the cured material. 

  • Compression molding 

It is used to make rubber parts easily. A given amount of uncured rubber is added to the mold. It is heated and processed further. Parts are removed from the respective mold when cured.