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Introducing our stunning Latex Rubber Domina Blouse, designed for the true connoisseurs of fetish fashion. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite blouse is perfect for those seeking to embrace their daring side and make a bold statement.

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Designed and Handmade in London, England.

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Latex Clothing – Latex Rubber Domina Blouse

Made from high-quality 0.40mm latex rubber, this blouse offers an enticing and sensual touch to your wardrobe. Its sleek and shiny appearance adds an irresistible allure, drawing attention wherever you go. The latex material provides a figure-hugging fit that accentuates your curves, making you feel confident and empowered.

The Latex Rubber Domina Blouse features elegant frills delicately adorning the neckline and cuffs, elevating its femininity and adding a touch of playfulness. The frills create a captivating contrast against the glossy latex, further enhancing the blouse’s unique and seductive appeal.

For an added touch of dominance and intrigue, a solid O-ring is incorporated into the 1mm thick collar, serving as a focal point of the blouse. This collar  is reinforced with durable plastic boning, ensuring its sturdiness and longevity. It not only adds a provocative element to your ensemble but also allows for creative possibilities, allowing you to attach accessories or use it as a captivating point of restraint.

Our Latex Rubber Domina Blouse is designed with the utmost comfort in mind. The soft and supple latex material feels incredible against the skin, providing a second-skin sensation that is both luxurious and indulgent. It is also equipped with a discreet back zipper, allowing for easy wearing and removal, ensuring a seamless experience.

Whether you’re exploring the realm of BDSM or simply looking to add an edgy twist to your fashion collection, our Latex Rubber Domina Blouse is the perfect choice. Embrace your inner dominatrix and let this exquisite blouse become the centerpiece of your unique style.

Chlorinated version of this blouse offers an additional level of ease and maintenance is available here:

Visit our website at to experience the allure of our Latex Rubber Domina Blouse firsthand. Indulge in the excitement of fetish fashion and elevate your wardrobe with this captivating piece. Order now and unlock a world of sensuality, power, and style with the click of a button.

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