Latex Long Dress-Nightie


Latex Wear – Long Dress

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Latex Clothing – Latex Long Dress-Nightie

This Latex long panel dress can be used for party, ball, or as a  Nightie .

It has low cut  back with no zips, but there are a D rings, so you can easily adjust the waist. It is easy to put it on.

If you want to use it as a nightie, you can, just leave it loose at the back.

The fingerless gloves  are included with the dress, but if you want to get them separately they will be available from  our Latex Shop London soon.

Latex thickness:

  • dress: 0.40mm latex
  • straps: 0.80mm latex

All our latex products are manufactured in London, United Kingdom.

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Additional information


XXS-if you are 22-23"/55-58cm, XS-if you are 24-25"/60-63,5cm, S-if you are 26-28"/66-71cm, S+1-if you are 29-30"/72-76cm, S+2-if you are 31-32"/77-82, M-if you are 33-34"/83-86,5cm, M+1-if you are 35-36"/88-91cm, L-if you are 37-38"/94-97cm, XL-if you are 39-41"/99-104cm, Made to Measure, Win


Red, Black, Blue, Metallic Silver, Pink, White, Other, Win

Trim Colour

Red, Black, Blue, Metallic Silver, Pink, White, Other, Win


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