Latex Long Coat with Frills

Latex clothing

Latex Clothing – Latex Long Coat – Robe

Just finished this long coat with frills all around it for my friend in Germany. How do you like it. Please share your views below.

Latex Long Coat with frills around the edges

Latex Long Coat – Robe

This latex rubber coat/robe is beautifully decorated by 2 inches frills, all the way around the edges.
Can you imagine wearing it for a romantic breakfast, day after:), with your partner.
Serving him English tea with a continental breakfast and wearing your transparent robe.
You also wear another latex clothing, black latex lingerie under your beautiful latex robe.
He could see your fabulous curves under the robe.
I just wonder what will happen after the breakfast?
In the evening you could change your transparent coat – robe to different colour, for instance red.
He would go insane, seeing you wearing this long, seductive robe.
There are two glasses and a bottle of red wine on the table. You are wearing the red robe and a black latex mini dress under it.
The combination of colours looks fabulous on you.

This latex long coat – robe is:

  • made of 0.40mm thick natural latex,
  • the outfit includes the belt,
  • Frills all around it maybe made from thinner latex,
  • loose fit,
  • Plus size available,
  • Variety of colours including red, metallic and transparent

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