New Latex Designs

I have got hold of over 200 patterns, which I will use for new garments, of course the material will be 100% latex.

Which one do you like the most and what would you change in them?

All the patterns have numbers, so when you are telling me about them, use the number next to the garment.


I have finished the new latex dress ( nr 35) and  latex cape nr 69 .

Below are some photos. The dress will be listed at £153 and the Cape £95. If you want it before Christmas is still time, just let me know.

latex dress

latex cape


10 thoughts on “New Latex Designs

  1. Hi Aurelia!

    I’m a faithful customer of your latex attire, I DEFINITELY choose number 34 and 35.
    Very nice tight pencil skirt to play with and beautiful full latex belt to nicely press the waist!
    The second, in addition to the skirt, I imagine a very voluptuous rubber top maid of many ruffles!

    Best Regarsd.


    1. Hi Emiliano,
      Yes, I like these as well. I looked at the patterns and it is actually one piece dress, but it maybe better like you are saying skirt and top.
      Thank you for your participation.

  2. 34, 35, 147

    1. Thank you for your participation.

  3. I like the new designs as well, my favorite were number 34 and 147, this I like most and I think this will be perfect for my Girl, she has size S and she is tall so it will be very beautiful. The other items are beautiful too and I don’t think they had to be changed.
    I tho about a collection of accessories like bags, belts, scarf, little hats, gloves and something like this will be the final details for the perfect outfit.

    Best regards from Germany

    Christian Kern

    1. Hi Christian,
      I am sure your girlfriend will look stunning in them. I will send them for photo-shooting and hopefully you will be able to get it for your girlfriend. It looks like 34, 35 and 147 are the most popular, so I will concentrate on these.
      Thank you for your participation.

  4. 35 as a one piece dress. It will be ready for Christmas right? 😉
    Wifey doesn’t like the short ones so this would be perfect.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Yes, the 35 is the best, good idea will make it before Christmas:)
      Thank you for your participation

  5. 34/35/70/146

    1. Hi Paul,
      34 and 35 is the main winner, but I find 146 interesting as well.
      Thank you for your participation,

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