Latex Blouse and Raincoat- New

latex rubber blouse

Latex Blouse and Raincoat

New garments I made for my clients,

share your view, what would you like to add or change?

latex raincoat

11 thoughts on “Latex Blouse and Raincoat- New

  1. I think the blouse looks wonderful.

  2. I like these very much.Whatwould be the prices please? Thanks Chris.

    1. The coat is £280 and the blouse £110. Different colours are also available

  3. Does the raincoat come in different colours and can it be made shorter.

    1. Hi, Dave,
      Yes, I can make it in different colours, which one would you recommend? and yes, it can be made shorter.

      1. How much would it be for a shorter coat.

        1. Hi Dave, how much shorter do you need it, just to cover your hips or few inches shorter?

  4. Love the blouse! If I could have any changes I would go for more of a Victoriana/steampunk look!

  5. Where is the link to buy this blouse, please?

  6. (second time of posting)

    Where is the link to buy the blouse, please?

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