Latex Jumpsuit New Design

I have made this latex jumpsuit for my friend and decided to share it with you. It has short zipper at the front and it is elasticated at the waist, hands and legs. It is lose fit and could be worn to bed as a pyjamas, if you want to loose weight, or as casual wear. I have made red for my friend and another black for my client. The normal price is £180, but pre-production price is £150 for a limited time and as long as I have the colours in stock, which are black, red and royal blue. Latex thickness 0.40mm

What do you think about this latex jumpsuit, would you change or add anything, please share your ideas.

latex jumpersuit

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  • David Thomas says:

    The jumpsuit looks very nice. However, as an option, I think that it would finish it off with a gathered collar, that gives a similar effect to the sleeves and ankles.

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