The One and Only

The one and only collection are dresses or outfits which were made only once and are unique.

If you going for a party or event, you can be sure that you are the only one wearing this design with latexandlovers logo inside.


Latex dress Sold for £77



1 Comment on “The One and Only

  1. If you are tryint to contact me please let me know up front “latex” if not I cancell out all email. I love Latex dresses, skirts, girdles etc. I wear a dress every day at breakfast and rubber pants. I guess your could say i am a latex corssdresser. My wife is a very understand person, she does not wish to participate in my fetsih but does not feel that I am a nut the way i have felt about myself. Other than loving the feel of latex and the fact the clothing line I like to wear is female I am a strong male and have all my life participatec in male activities, I am a closet rubberist. Have a good day. Joe

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