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Does anybody have any stories of when you were caught, or almost caught wearing your latex by someone who wasn’t aware of your fetish? Of course many people wear latex in public intentionally, but i’d love to hear everyone’s close calls of being exposed!


Here is a story of my friend and what’s has happened to him:

I was enjoying a rare Monday off dressed in my black catsuit, when I heard someone opening the garage door. It turns out my landlord had scheduled some maintenance to be done and I totally forgot about it. Before I realized what was going on, the maintenance man was in the house and headed towards the crawlspace access door — in my bedroom! I didn’t have time to grab any normal clothes to cover my rubberized self, so I did the next best thing which was to hide in the bathroom. I proceeded to stand in there with the lights off for 20+ minutes while the maintenance guy did his thing in the crawlspace. Luckily he didn’t need to pee or wash his hands, or it would have been an awkward encounter for sure!

During those 20 minutes I was super scared of being discovered, but it was also extremely exhilarating, and turned me on to the max.

Please share your story.


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  1. I can really understand how you felt when you are dress up in latex and unexpected guest arrive. I have been hiding my love for latex, especially dresses, skirts, girdles,etc, since I was a young man,but now my wife does not seem to mind and I wear a latex dress every morning. We have moved to Florida and have a big Lani upon which we can bring out our breakfast and enjoy the warm mornings. I love to wear my latex dress and I have even decided to walk around the Lani and have decided that if anyone comes by I don’t care if they see my dress it looks enough like a robe that unless they are really close it will not make any differance. I still hid my self indoors most of the time when dress up in latex but at least I don’t have to hid from my wife. There is something very magical about latex and especially cross dressing. If anyone wishes to communecate I ask that you let me know that latex if the subject. I erase all unknown persons so lets talk. Joe

  2. Hi Joe, You are lucky that your wife accepts it. I love latex and cross dressing , but I am not sure how to tell my wife about it. How did you do it?

    1. Hi Paulina It was very simple. I had been married and did have lots of trouble with my wife. I was also lying to my self when she acused me of wearing latex rubber as a sexual turn on and I of course stated that was wrong I ust like latex. Well bull I get a sexual charge from wearing latex especially cross dressing. Well that marrage ended in divorce and I have never given up loving latex and cross dressing. Well I met this terrific woman and I fell mad in love. So what do you do here you love a great femal and you want to marry her and you still are hocked on latex. Well you take your stach of rubber , the penis pants the panties the skirts and girdle and tell her that i had a fetish for latex. She examined all of the things infront of her and stated she probably would not wear rubber but “So what just don’t wear masks”. and that is were we are now and we have been married 28 years. She tried latex but did not feel it did anything for her so I just wear my dresses and skirts, etc when ever I want and she doesn’t care. We even joke about bouncing when I have latex on and other things. I am lucky good luck to you but be honest it wroked for me.

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