Personal thoughts on latex in the media

I know it’s a really contentious issue, but on a personal level I am glad to be seeing casual latex wear more represented in the media

Not talking along the lines of the more extreme side of the scale with full latex hoods and total enclosure but rather the small items you can see paired together or with vanilla items of clothing

The recent post about Hayley Williams in a latex shirt and leggings was a good example, in my eyes it leans towards the fashion side of the scale, and even if she isn’t into wearing the material as more than just a short term fad at least the representation of having it worn even in a music performance is still good exposure and not through those cringe worthy fetish documentaries on channel 4 or channel 5

Maybe I’m trying to look at the positives but as I’m hoping to get to the whitby goth festival either this year or next I am hoping to wear my latex hoodie over casual alternative wear like combats and a metal band shirt, as I see the combinations of fetish and alternative fairly often within the goth community and it’s something I quite admire in regards to the creativity of outfit creation

Just hoping we get more positive exposure to latex wear to slowly help the wear of such material become more tolerated and even accepted socially

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  1. I have loved latex since I was a kid. First encounter was with the Playtex girdle. Pink Ice was the culpret I touched one in a showroom and a bolt of electricity went through me. I was hocked. I think that some one has to be introduced to latex and rubber and depending on how they find the material either they are in love with latex or it is just a material that makes up clothing. Now to seeing more just everyday clothing I really don’t think that it will be a big hit in the near future. The two models shown in the present email are wearing anything put your everyday clothing. I think that latex makes the most sexey clothing and everyone that wears it wants to show off their wears. Keep sending great photos I love looking and I also love wearing the dresses and skirts you sold me.

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